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At Richmond Hill Endodontics, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We use the most current endodontic techniques and equipment to achieve our goals. Our operating microscope enhances magnification up to 20 times, and fibre optic illumination is invaluable in allowing the dental experts at Richmond Hill Endodontics perform the many technical aspects of endodontic treatment. Digital x-rays provide us with a clear comprehensive picture of your teeth, allowing us to formulate the best and most appropriate treatment needs. Rotary instrumentation, apex locators, ultrasonic machines and other specialized endodontic tools are some of the other elements used to achieve the best success for every treatment.

Digital X-rays

In order for us to view the condition of your tooth/ teeth in their present state it is imperative that we take x-rays to ensure we are getting the whole picture. Here at Richmond Hill Endodontics, we only use digital x-rays as these computerized images reduce radiation by nearly 90 per cent and the clear images are captured instantly and can be easily enhanced.

Surgical Microscope

Enhanced magnification and fibre-optic illumination are invaluable tools that help our dental experts at Richmond Hill Endodontics to perform the many technical aspects of endodontic treatment. Some of the benefits of utilizing the effectiveness of the surgical microscope during our procedures include:

  • More easily assessed accurate depth of retro-prep extension
  • Improved lighting and magnification aid in locating and cleaning prepared canals.
  • Reduces the size of the surgical site and improves the accuracy of microsurgical incisions and suturing resulting in minimal patient discomfort and healing time.
  • Provides high-resolution video for patient education, enhanced training and necessary procedure documentation.

At any time before, during and after the surgery, Richmond Hill Endodontics will always be available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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